How to get Adriana Lima’s Victoria Secret Makeup

Awards season is an exciting time for a lot of people and I’m no exception. I love seeing the different dresses, hairstyles, makeup and fashion that seem to be trending. It’s very exciting and sadly, it’s coming to an end.

But! The beauty of this industry – yes the beauty industry :P is that there’s always something to look forward to. And in the meantime, practice makes perfect right? So if you’re waiting for the next big red carpet event (like me) take the time to perfect your Adriana Lima makeup look.

A Victoria’s Secret angel, she’s young and beautiful and I’m a big fan of her makeup style. It’s marked by thick lashes, smoky eyes and plump lips. And she definitely likes her bronzer. So how do you get this look? Believe it or not, it’s quite simple.

Prepping the face
Prepare the face. Put on primer and foundation and you’re ready to get started. Put on bronzer on a brush and apply it to the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. This will give you glowy and tanned skin that Adriana so effortlessly achieves. Next, use a highlighting color to contour the cheekbones – it makes the face look angular, just like Adriana’s.


Get the smoky eyes
Now for the smoky eyes – you can create this look with lots of more eye-catching colors, but on Adriana we usually see dark browns and black. So take a brown that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone and apply it over your lid.

Use a black or darker brown to blend into the crease.

Then take a shimmery white or beige color and with a thin brush, apply it to the inner corner of your eyes. If you want your eyes to pop, line the bottom lid with the same white/beige color.

To get thick lashes, apply a black, Volumizing mascara and very thin eyeliner along the lash line. You can use false lashes to get a more obvious and full look.

Thicken the eyebrows, but don’t make their outline too defined. Adriana’s brows usually look very full but aren’t very angled, so go easy on the arch. Use an eyebrow pencil to give your eyebrows definition and blend.

Last we come to the lips. She likes a plump and colorful lip. You can use the ever favorite cherry red or if you prefer something less VA- VA-voom – a nice rosy pink. (Make sure you moisturize the lips first!) Apply the lipstick and top it off with clear lip plumping gloss.

I prefer to exfoliate my lips before getting started with the color to make my lips look fuller. Exfoliate by lightly brushing over the lips with a toothbrush and completing with a coat of lip balm to moisturize the lips.’re done!

Hiya! I’m Kathleen Case. A cosmetologist, doting wife, hands-on mommy and a lover of all things beautiful, fun and exciting. I love to travel, soak in different cultures, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer. When I’m not giving people makeovers, cooking up something delicious or rocking my nine month old to sleep, I write about the experiences I’ve had and my overall journey and share them with my lovely readers!

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