My favorite pink make-up look for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a six year old reenacting fairytales (I was the fairy, of course!), I remember I would always dress myself up in a little pink dress with a flouncy tulle skirt- perfect for my little act- with feathery wings to match. Why pink you ask? It was my favorite color back then.

Well, nothing’s changed over the years I guess! Pink was and will always be at the top of my list of favorite colors (I’m a girl, can’t help it!).

As a cosmetologist, infusing a touch of pink to get a perfectly done makeup look is one of the rules I go by. A natural pink shade to compliment your skin tone can add just the right amount of color to your face (you don’t want to overdo this and look sunburnt!)

Now there’s another reason why pink is so special for me- it’s the color for breast cancer awareness, a cause that is close to my heart. So come October, I love clubbing my favorite color with a great cause (it can’t get better than this!). A small way in which I can make a difference!

Girls, here’s my signature pink make-up look for Breast Cancer Awareness Month-

For the face- Matte-finish foundation with skin-matching tones (for that perfect, even, oil-free skin)

For the lips- Love the natural pink lip color! Put on some pastel pink lip gloss or nude lip balm and you’re good to go.

For the eyes- This is where I go crazy pink! Add an extra layer over your winged eyeliner look (check out my post on how to get an impeccable cat eye) with your favorite pink shade for some pop!

Get your pink on this October- be aware, stay beautiful! Till next time, people!

Hiya! I’m Kathleen Case. A cosmetologist, doting wife, hands-on mommy and a lover of all things beautiful, fun and exciting. I love to travel, soak in different cultures, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer. When I’m not giving people makeovers, cooking up something delicious or rocking my nine month old to sleep, I write about the experiences I’ve had and my overall journey and share them with my lovely readers!

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