Questions to ask your hairstylist

Face it. We’ve all been there. We’ve gone to the hair salon with dreams in our head and a skip in our step. We’ve raised our chin up, closed our eyes and let the hair stylist work her magic. And it has all gone horribly, horribly wrong! That dreadful haircut—the one that made even the nicest of your friends giggle at you for weeks while they said, “Aww, honey. It’ll grow back in no time!”—Remember? Yep. That one.
Don’t make the same mistake again. This time, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The secret is conversation. Talk to your hair stylist and ask her a couple of questions. Here are some questions that I usually like to ask mine before a haircut:

1. What’s your plan of action?
This is serious. You need to get an exact idea of your haircut. Ask the stylist questions every step of the way if you’re unsure of what your hair is going to look like after she is done.

2. Can I pull it off?
So you’ve got a magazine clipping with Jennifer Lawrence’s new do. Not good enough. Ask your stylist if they cut you’re planning will suit your facial structure.


3. Will I be able to maintain it?
Some haircuts are easy to maintain while others need tons of styling products. If you have the time and the energy to maintain the style, go for it! If not, it’s time to think more Jennifer Aniston and less Rihanna.


4. How much longer before my next visit?
Shorter cuts require regular visits because they may not look great when your hair grows. Keep that in mind before honing in on your next haircut.

So remember, ask your stylist these questions before getting a new hairstyle without a shade of embarrassment. You’d rather end up sounding like a fool than looking like one, right?

Hiya! I’m Kathleen Case. A cosmetologist, doting wife, hands-on mommy and a lover of all things beautiful, fun and exciting. I love to travel, soak in different cultures, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer. When I’m not giving people makeovers, cooking up something delicious or rocking my nine month old to sleep, I write about the experiences I’ve had and my overall journey and share them with my lovely readers!

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