This is me!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Did everyone hear me?! What about you people in the back?! Yeah, okay, so let’s get on with it. You guys obviously already know my name is Kathleen Case (but you can call me Kat) and I am an incredible miracle worker, also known as cosmetologist. :)

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I love my life. At this point of time everything is in its right place- I have a satisfying and fulfilling career, a supportive and loving husband and an absolutely heart meltingly beautiful little nine-month old baby girl. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Really, I’m happy and grateful and my heart is so full of gratitude sometimes, it’s hard to put into words sometimes.

Which is why I think this blog came into being. I really do believe that I have everything I could possibly need and I want to be able to do my bit to give back. I can’t give or do much but one thing that I know is that I am good at my job, it’s the one thing I know as well as I know my name. And so I just want to be able to inspire people and show them how easy it is to express your inner self with the way you look and carry yourself.

Natural beauty is the purest and the ultimate form of beauty so I am not saying load up on the make up to look good. I’m just saying do those little things to accentuate those God given gifts so you look like you’ve been sent down from heaven!

So guys, stay tuned for some great tips on make-up, style, being a mommy, cooking, and just having a bucket load of fun with your life. So stay tuned, the adventures of Kat are about to begin!!

Hiya! I’m Kathleen Case. A cosmetologist, doting wife, hands-on mommy and a lover of all things beautiful, fun and exciting. I love to travel, soak in different cultures, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer. When I’m not giving people makeovers, cooking up something delicious or rocking my nine month old to sleep, I write about the experiences I’ve had and my overall journey and share them with my lovely readers!

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