Top hair care products you need to add to your shopping list in 2014

Have you heard of that quote? It goes something like this: ‘You can’t control everything in your life. Hair was put on your head to remind you of that.’ Well, I’m here to give you some good news. That could be a thing of the past! With a new year, I’m sure all of you would like to look your best—hair included! If that’s your plan, then you’ll have to upgrade your hair care products. There are some products that you have to have. 2014 is the year of good hair! Here are my top picks for the hair care products you’ll need to add to your shopping list:

1. Kérastase Spray Á Porter
This is the nicest hair spray in the market currently. It’s got great hold and is the best for styling. It gives your hair great volume and you can do up your hair in any way you like with this baby. At just $35, it’s a steal too!


2. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
If your hair is oily, this is an awesome product to use. The oat milk conditions your hair for that perfect sheen that you’re always dying to get. You can get all of that for just $18.



3. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer
After washing our hair, we often forget that our hair is more prone to damage. And then we blow dry without thinking about our poor tresses. This primer helps you protect your hair and even reduces drying time. At $22, it’s a complete winner.


4. Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Spray Serum
We put our hair through a lot. With the above-mentioned blow drying, straightening, coloring, Sheesh! Serums are our saviors when it comes to bringing them back to life. This one gives us a deep conditioning that will last and make your hair shine. This product isn’t available in the market till March, but I promise it’s worth the wait.


5. John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss
You love to experiment with your hair. You love to color it, but you notice that the color fades away way too fast. And there’s no way of getting that color back without re-dying. This gloss is your answer. It neutralizes color changes too, which means that you won’t get that crass color that manifests after your hair color is past its prime. And it’s only $12.99!


These are some of the must have hair products of 2014. This year, you can say goodbye to bad hair days!

Hiya! I’m Kathleen Case. A cosmetologist, doting wife, hands-on mommy and a lover of all things beautiful, fun and exciting. I love to travel, soak in different cultures, meet new people and experience everything life has to offer. When I’m not giving people makeovers, cooking up something delicious or rocking my nine month old to sleep, I write about the experiences I’ve had and my overall journey and share them with my lovely readers!

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